Advance yourself with SWE!

Hello and welcome to Advancement! We focus on raising self-awareness and promoting leadership development within SWE members and creating projects and programs that impact the entire student population and our local communities. The concept of Advancement is first introduced in Society SWE's tagline: Aspire / Advance / Achieve. Advancement is an ever changing branch designed to respond to the ever changing needs of our members. For FY20, we strive to  increase the mindfulness and self-confidence of our members as well as to place emphasis on the importance of both mental and physical health. Our branch strives to help our members better themselves as humans, not just engineers. Additionally this next year, Advancement is excited to announce its efforts to introduce  LGBTQ+ programming into the Cockrell School as well as to become more mindful of how SWE and our members can be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Check out Advancement's Guide for First Year Engineers

Contact the Vice President of Advancement with any questions or for more information.


SWE Test Bank

Need some practice to help you prepare for an upcoming test or curious to see what your new professor’s test format looks like? Check out our SWE Test Bank as a resource for many classes at UT.

Finals Care Packages

To wish our members the best of luck on finals, SWE packs end-of-semester finals care packages filled with snacks and goodies! The final care packages are available for pick up the last week of classes each semester from the SWE Office (EER 2.620). Finals care packages will not be occurring due to restrictions from COVID-19.


Advancement works to educate and encourage general members on lifestyle choices that are practical and reduce personal waste production, as well as mitigating and handling the general waste production of the UT SWE chapter. 

Physical Health

Want to go to the gym but don’t know how to start? Want to work out regularly but feel like you just don’t have the time? You’re in luck! This year the Advancement branch will be introducing regularly scheduled yoga and other workout days to help you become the best you can be. In-person physical health events will not be happening due to restrictions from COVID-19.

Spa Day

College is stressful, and sometimes it is easy to forget that mental health is just as important as physical health. Advancement aims to promote mindfulness and self awareness through various workshops, including regularly scheduled painting days and diy spa self care days.


SWE is committed to being a space for everyone’s growth regardless of gender identity, race/ethnicity/ nationality, or sexuality. However, we do acknowledge that those things shape the way that we interact with the world, and strive to create programming mindful of that. Advancement events try to provide a space where conversation about identity and intersectionality can happen safely and where everyone’s needs are cared for!